iPhone 4S Battery dilemma

Since the launch of iPhone 4s Apple is at the end of receiving non stop criticism, which is not a familiar thing to associate with Apple.  It seems to me that apple have failed to deliver the end product to what people were expecting, as the proud owners of newly launched iPhone 4s are having battery drain problems along with several other glitches.

It seems to me that Apple didn't cover their bases before the launch of the product. I have doubts over the quality assurance test of the product. Answer to battery drain issue might be quite simple that the new iPhone 4s is packed with greater CPU and Camera, so it might consume battery a bit more. But when packing with a greater CPU the company should have rethink on battery as well.

Recently with tragic loss of Apple's former CEO Steve Jobs, the company is lacking leadership. Newly appointed CEO and management have to step up and tackle this issue as soon as possible in order to save the credibility of this company. Other wise this great company will once again will lost under the shadows of great Steve Jobs.