Police splits up iPhone 4S line in Honk Kong Apple Store

Police have reportedly disrupt a very long que out side Apple store in Honk Kong. Hundred's and thousand of people were disrupted outside Apple store in Honk Kong, who were eager to get their hands on the newly released iPhone 4S. Most of them were utterly disappointed when a Police invasion disrupted the hole que.

The Honk Kong Apple store is one of the newest Apple outlet, and the store was expecting a massive crowd gathering at the local launch of the phone on 7 am today.  Pre orders of the phone was sold out within the 10 minute space availability on last Friday, which indicated a massive rush on the launch day.

According to M.I.C
customers began waiting in line Tuesday at noon. Witnesses alleged that a group of professional queuers believed to be in the employ of a gray market iPhone reseller threatened the customers and attempted to cut in line. The police eventually arrived to resolve the issue, but the scalpers quickly returned after the officers left. The scalpers reportedly receive $500 HKD ($64) to wait in line for their bosses.

The publication also quoted the number of people outside Honk Kong Apple IFC store out numbered people outside the Flag ship fifth avenue store in New York. Some problems occurred within the que to poor air ventilation system, several queres were down due to seizures.