Apple have started sale of unlocked iPhone 4S

Apple have started the sale of unlocked iPhone 4s from this week. Previously the phone was available through different carrier including Verizon and AT&T etc. Unlocked iPhone 4s is available in 3 different memories like was previous predecessors in 8, 16 and 32 Gigabyte memory.

Unlocked iPhone 4s with 8 GB is available at $649, 16GB with $749 and 32GB at a price of $849.  Apple Inc have reported that they have sold 4 million iPhone 4S units on the first 3 days  of its launch.

iPhone 4S have made a new milestone, it have break the record of sale held by the iPhone 4s which was 1.7 million units. No android phone can match the sale of iPhone. Samsung Galaxy S which is one of the best android phone, but it still can not match the sale figures.

In the first 24 hours iPhone 4s made a new record, by selling 1 million units. With the availability of unlock iPhone 4S it is expected to smash new record. The iPhone 4s features A5 Dual core CPU, 8 Mega Pixel camera, HD recording functionality. Its bundled with iOS 5 and a new voice command protocol Siri. Siri is an artificial intelligence software that reminds a user with text, call,reminders etc.