iPhone 4S to be launched in Indian on 25th November

Apples new iPhone 4s have been doing well regarding sale, were ever its launched. Apple and mobile service provider in India have decided to introduce this new hot cake on 25th of November. To Indian mobile service providing giant Airtel and Aircel are likely to launch the new apple iPhone 4s on the same date.

The previous sales of iPhone in India were not so great. As the users in India tend to go for cheap alternatives. The country phone sales are dominated by cheap Chinese cell phones, smartphone user in India are only 0.5 to 2 % of the total population.  But every passing year the percentage of smartphone sales are increasing.

Its difficult to say that weather the new iPhone 4s will make any impression on Indian market or the sales dilemma will remain the same. The country which is  suffering from poverty and hunger, its hard to find customers who are willing to pay thousands of cash for a smartphone.

Both Airtel and Aircel are expected to offer lucrative offers to their customers with a 100% money back guarantee. Both the carriers are offering iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS up till now and by the 25th of November another iPhone will be added in to repository.