Windows phone 7 gaining market share

Microsoft was quite left out in the phone market after Apple’s iPhone and Google’s android based smartphones took away the market share of Microsoft’s Windows mobile and Blackberry who were the market leaders. 

Microsoft then realized that its giving away its market that much easily, having realized that Microsoft launched its windows mobile 6.5. The phone that were shipped with Windows mobile 6.5 weren’t that successful comparing to android and iPhone, but it some how gave Microsoft some idea of the recent development of mobile market.

After the failure of Windows mobile 6.5 Microsoft made a concrete development in smartphone market by developing the new mobile operating system windows mobile 7. In the start the phone didn’t did well like its predecessor but they started to get the moment regarding sales by every passing month.

Up till now its been estimated that Microsoft have successfully sold around 5 million win phone 7. Which is a big leap in smart phone market. Microsoft have sold around 600,000 windows phone this month. With the new deal of Microsoft and Nokia, its been predicted that the company will do good with their OS shipped with one of the most sleaked and stylish phones of Nokia.