Microsoft to launch their Windows 8 Windows 8 Store in coming February

Recently in the technology world Microsoft is the one to announce some of their new and upcoming stuff and making things more interesting and competitive. And one the latest big news is that it is now officially confirmed by Microsoft that they will launch their Windows 8 Windows Store early next year, just like Apple has launched their Apple App Store for their Mac users.

Microsoft plans to launch Windows 8 Beta in February 2012 and with that they will also launch Windows 8 Windows Store. According to Microsoft this Windows Store will have benefits for both its users and developers too. And they have also explained that how their new application store can give more revenues to its developers. As Microsoft has announced that the developers will get 80 percent of the revenue share of the application sales, after it has crossed the figure sales of $25,000.

Apart from that this app store will also give ease to its users like for example for subscribing for any newsletter and things like that it wouldn’t be necessary for the users to only use live or Hotmail ids as for iOS or Android devices users can only their respective ids.

While I really agree that Windows 8 can be the next big operating system but I am still not sure how Windows 8 can be a big success. We just have to wait and see what Microsoft has planned and done with their Windows Store