Connect with the world through your Blackberry

People can easily connect with the world by sitting anywhere through the application of Facebook on their phones. However, the browsing can be much more efficient when it comes to the Blackberry mobile phones. Now you can have Facebook on your Blackberry devices in a quick way. Through this app, you can chat; share your views, images with your friends and family members. Following are the helpful instructions with which you can connect with your loved ones, and can stay connected in your social lives and it can save your time as well.

Special Features

  • An immediate access for the facility to chat with friends through Facebook Chat feature.
  • This application allows for spontaneous navigation through its new friendly user interface.
  • People can remain notified in a red color notification light for any kind of key details, likes, comments or messages.
  • It also enables to share or feed the various items or images through BBM, SMS or email with friends or family members.
  • Wi-Fi coverage of internet can allow the users to enjoy the features of this application sitting anywhere.
  • People can do the spam or blockings of notifications or can delete the comments whenever they like to.
  • People can also get alerts for any kind of notifications.
  • They can get benefits from the enhanced level of integration through the smartphone application of Blackberry.

System Requirements:

In order to use or to install application of Facebook in your Blackberry device, following instructions are required:

  • A wireless service for the data content that can support the SN applications especially.
    • Connectivity for Wi-Fi
    • An account for Facebook, which can be created from the application menu.
    • A minimum of 2.7MB for the application storage.
    • Software of v5.0 or latest version for Blackberry devices is essential. In order to store it; click Options > Device > About Device Versions from your Blackberry mobile phone)