Best iPad Games for iPad Lovers

Apple iPad is one the awesome invention of Apple company. iPad tablet comes with specs and embedded with technology features , which makes the iPad tablet , one of the best gadget of Apple company. Tablet also comes with number of high tech games , that are as follows:


1)          Aurora Feint 3

Aurora Feint 3 is basically a Puzzle Quest (Bejeweled welded to a basic RPG). You just need to slide gems and then match three in order to gain the energy or smack your foe during the combats. The horizontal-only sliding is shared with accelerometer-based gravity-shifting in the well which means you have to think fast in this type of game, which is well-suited to the iPad lovers.

2)    Bub – Wider

This inquisitive creation is a tranquil arcade game for action lover gamers, where you just need to tilt your iPad to guide a bubble around forests. The aim of Bub is basically to snare strangely named seeds and to avoid foes. However there is a little new here over the iPhone release date, and the fuzzy graphics dreadfully needs an upgrade, but Bub works well on iPad due to the accuracy which the larger device offers.

3. Checkers Free HD

It is particularly for the chess lovers completely free. What more do you want to know about this app? Checkers Free HD is a pretty much decent version of the popular board-games ever introduced for iPad, with a variable difficulty level, configurable player names, along with an ‘undo’ function for wusses, and a toggle for forced arrests.

4. Cliffed: Norm’s World XL

This game lacks some kind of depth but Cliffed is enjoyable for a quick high-score blast. Use the bumpy controls to make your particular guy dash left or right in order to avoid rocks and leap down holes. If the screen catches up with him then the game would be over.

5. Air Hockey Gold

This game works much better on the iPad as compared to the iPhone, due to the reason of iPad’s larger screen. Air Hockey Gold is not the only free game of this kind, but it was also the one that stroked best during the testing and the two-player mode works well on it.