Top 5 and exciting Facebook games

Facebook has become an addiction for all its users. People belonging to all ages and concerns have a deep and significant interest in Facebook. Being a complete package of applications and facility services, Facebook is intended to give the ideal set of interests available for every kind of user. Whether it’s fashion, technology, politics, style, health, medical, entertainment or games, Facebook has it all for every user. This style and approach of facebook has grabbed the attention of millions and billions of users around the globe.

Facebook games have gained huge popularity among the users. All the players have a great interest and sense of enjoyment associated with the games available on Facebook. This is why, with every passing day, new players and users are attracted towards the colorful and entertaining horizon of facebook!

Top 5 facebook games:

  1.   Farmville is the popular most game application on Facebook with an approximate list of 50 million users involved in it. The entire infrastructure of the game is powered by Zynga and enables the players to cultivate their virtual land and enjoy the virtual world of farming by inviting their friends and harvesting in their virtual farms.
  2.  Texas HoldEm Poker powered by Zynga is yet another exploration letting the users to acquire the maximum fun from the world of poker. This game has about 12.5 million users.
  3.  Mafia Wars by Zynga is yet another experience which involves fighting and tackling adventures. It involves about 7 million users every day. The only difference in this game is that it involves the usage of power and stamina possessed by the players.
  4.  CafaWorld has about 19 million users around the globe and is yet again a perfect gaming atmosphere built by Zynga. This game lets the players to become the owner of café and cook whichever the dishes they want to. With enhanced increments in points and scores, the players can get more resource and get their café world enhanced.

  5.  Pet Society by Playfish involves various tasks and targets. On successful accomplishment of various tasks, it becomes possible for players to gain some new accessories or services for their pets. The main mission is to keep the pets happy by taking perfect care of them.

Facebook is a perfect platform of enjoyment accompanied with perfect information and quality standards. The entire atmosphere of facebook games possesses an attractive aura, thus magnetizing the users towards facebook from all around the world!