3 basic guidelines for picking the Right Smartphone for business purpose

When the smartphone is to be selected particularly for the business then it is very easy that the people can get swept with the latest models of the mobile phone whether it is Nokia Lumia 900 or IPhone 5.A smartphone can be very beneficial to the business as it exhibit wireless service, and it depends entirely on the user that how much he/she wanted to spend on any smartphone device. Following are the three basic guidelines that can help you to choose between the wide ranges of smartphone mobiles:

1. To determine if the smartphone provides good carrier service in your area:
If the sleekest smartphone is unable to provide an effective connectivity services and other related services, then it will be nothing but a brick in your hand and would result in a useless device.  So it is very important to know if the handset can provide good connectivity services and carrier facility in an area where you live.

A reliable tool and system that can evaluate the local coverage rate is known as Root Metrics, which can gather a detailed data for U.S. cell coverage for all major carriers. People can also use a free app of Carrier Compare in order to know that which company provides the best services for IPhone users.

Also, it is very important to consider that all the handsets that support the carrier facility and which operates on 4G wireless networks, especially those handsets which uses LTE technology.

2. The cost should correlate with the services handset provides:
In the U.S usually users sign up a two-year contract for the smartphone devices, with a wireless carrier. This can save hundred dollars for the initial payment but it can lead to the further payments in the future as a result of signing a contract.

These contracts often charges high priced packages for the text messaging service. There is also penalty and other costs associated with the contracts in case of breaking it.

Three methods to prolong the battery life of smartphones:

Usually people don’t need the contracts because, T-Mobile, offers a variety of smartphones without any kind of service contracts on a prepaid or month-to-month basis. However, the contract for a two year may enable better and prolonged services to the users.

3. Needs should be correlated with the specific smartphone needed:
People should choose a mobile phone which should not only look good in one’s hand but should also provide a better network coverage services, and other related services. Hence, the first decision should be kept in mind which smartphone to be chosen which can correlate with the needs to be covered by it.

Main choices could be: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. But the people should remain cautious while buying a BlackBerry phone as there have been various stories that Research in Motion may get abandoned for the consumer market and would entirely focus on the enterprises or bigger corporations. The company, however, has rejected such plans lately. If people want to avoid any kind of technical problems than IPhone could be the best option but the only problem user can face is the battery life.

If people want to consider Android phones and want to use it for more than a year than it should be keep in mind to buy a latest version of it, which is Ice Cream Sandwich.

Three basic technologies that can change the usage of Wi Fi:

The operating systems of the Windows Phone can also be considered for the effective services it provides. The new Nokia Lumia 900 has got the positive reviews recently and the next series of Windows Phone is expected later in 2012.

Hence, before making a proper decision, few hours should be invested in visiting mobile phone stores and should also use or see the phones of friends in order to have some knowledge about them, and for performing basic tasks in each kind of mobiles. Make sure you’re testing the current version of each kind of smart phones.

In the end, you should buy a mobile phone which possesses a powered processing system and memory which you can afford as most of the smartphones comes up with the already built in SD card Memory, and people can also buy in order to install more space for the memory.