How one can regulate a PC with an Android mobile phone?

It is actually possible that one can operate his PC with his mobile phone but a smartphone having Android software in it. Most of the people use a keyboard and mouse to operate the PC. But there has not been any option invented previously that the PC gets operated with the mobile phones.

Usually people can also get irritated with the availability of remote control.  This problem can be solved not by any regular smartphone but specifically a phone which exhibits Android along with the application known as Gmote, which allows having a complete control over the PC. Gmote is basically an eye-opener and puts the light into the word of Android. It can be used to stream and extract all the media from your PC to your phone or tablet and also from Mobile phone to the PC. First of all you need to get this application, and then allow it a proper access through the codes. After this start operating the Android, then enter the password which the device will ask you. Finally you will have all the controls and before operating it, you will also have an opportunity to explore these controls as well. In the end you can play on your PC through your smartphone being smarter than ever.