Apple plans to formulate an iPhone with bigger screen

According to the news, the new version of IPhone will exhibits a 4 inch display screen from. This would lead to the bigger display ever in all the previous series of IPhone.  The production of these screens is currently going on in Korea’s LG Display Co Ltd, Sharp Corp and Japan Display Inc, which is a Japanese government-brokered merger which has combined the screen production of all the three companies.

The decision of Apple for building up the bigger screen has given a competitive edge to the company of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung basically unveiled its one of the top line series of Galaxy smartphone with a 4.8-inch touch-screen and much faster processor previously in the last month. A slightly demonstration in producing a design of a larger-screen iPhone can retain a tag of “wow” factor associated to the IPhone, which will ultimately convince the users of previous versions of IPhone to buy the new version. The iPhone 4S got introduced in October last year and significantly possess the same factors and features like the iPhone 4 which got launched in 2010.

Samsung has become the world’s largest mobile phone creator of this year, and sold 45 million smartphones in the first quarter of the year, and with the sales of the Galaxy phones which almost outshone the iPhone handsets. In addition to being Apple’s competitor, Samsung also possess the major components and supplier to the U.S. computer, tablet and phone manufacturer today. Due to best feature and availability of touch screen display IPhone has earned about one-half of Apple’s total sales, and this particular versions of phone has been the main source of growth for the company especially in Asia. A report by South Korea business newspaper stated that Apple would probably use a “retina” to give the next iPhone, the same technology in its latest iPad that has improved the quality of its image.