Five major tools to boost skills in SEO

Search engine optimization has become a vital source in order to get success in online businesses. But the main question arises, that how can one able to sell the services and products if the customers will not be able to find one’s website easily.

One needs not to absorb each and every single detail to gain skill in writing under instructions of SEO. However, there are several online services that can help in minimizing the effort in order to learn the basics of SEO.

Following are the five major tools which should be taking into account for boosting the skill in SEO:

1. SEO Profiler: SEO Profiler basically enables a platform to organize keyword research actions, link-building upgrades, economic and competitive intelligence research and much more which can integrate into the success of campaigns in context to the SEO. In addition to this, the program also offers comprehensive, aesthetically attractive reporting structures that might be useful for presenting data caused by this specific software suite.

Not only this, the program also offers a free 30-day trial session for users to explore its features. After the trial, monthly membership fees will be calculated, which ranges from $29 for beginner-level to $249 for professional level.

2. program proposes a number of web data tools, but the two most valuable for webmasters are the search engine optimization and social media optimization programs notably.

The SEO program basically offers many of the same functions just like the SEO Profiler, but its link-building module is having one minor disadvantage that it only tracks created links, instead of providing chances to discover new potential back-linking cohorts.’s social media optimization suite provides more unique features as compared to SEO Profiler and various other SEO programs. One can examine heavy traffic of social media and also can gather the useful data that might be needed to increase conversions from these traffic bases and control social media ROI also.

Its price strategy is that after a 30-day free trial option, monthly fees become compulsory which range from $250 to $500.

3. Local VOX
Apart from keyword research in search engine and back-link building ways, consultants of local SEO also use to spend time joining with followers on social media, optimizing local “place listing” websites which particularly includes Google Places and Yelp, and checking out customer review sites for feedback purpose also.

However, for many small-business proprietors, the demands of both traditional and local SEO can be irresistible. This is the reason that some people has turned their ways towards Local VOX, which is an automate process of local website optimization. Local VOX basically offers number of local SEO services, which includes automatic social networking site appraises, “daily deal” style services, and place listing organization.

But keeping in mind the added services it costs accordingly: Monthly charges range from $199 to $749, including the setup fee also.

4. Raven Tools
Like, Raven Tools also offers both SEO and social media measurement programs to the people. What is most notable here is that it provides various tools that can be of major interest to Google Ad words pay-per-click advertisers. Raven’s “Google Ad words + Google Analytics” tool simply combines’ data from these two accounts, providing ultimately a simple way to regulate PPC campaign efficiency.

After a 30-day free trial package, monthly rate ranges up to $99 for a private account and $249 for larger, agency-oriented packages.

5. Traffic Travis program

If the SEO management tends to charge a lot then people can have the option of Traffic Travis software program.

The free version basically covers up many of the same just like the programs discussed above which mainly includes optimization analysis, back-link prospecting and competitive research that “spies” on your competitors’ PPC ads.

Traffic Travis can be eye-catching for some cash-strapped startups. However, this no-cost or free option has some limitations at the same time. This program do not includes some basic features unlike the other programs and do not provide the results at the same depth like others.