IPhone 5 possess a bigger, 4 inch screen

Recently Samsung has announced to launch its latest versions of smartphone of Samsung Galaxy SIII, which seems to be giving a challenge to Apple’s iPhone new version of IPhone 5. Now people in the technology world and Apple fans are waiting anxiously for its release especially when the rumors got spread that it will possess a bigger screen than previous versions.

This new screen is expected to have a 4 inches diagonally display screen. According to the news, the handset will get launch in the fall.Also according to the Journal report, Apple is currently ordering screens from several producers, such as LG, Sharp, and Japan Display etc.

Samsung’s Galaxy S III phone possess a display screen of 4.8 inches, which is bigger than the current iPhone 4S. But it seems that the screen is not the only thing that will be getting an attraction in the new iPhone. According to the Mashable the next version of the iPhone could be made of very special material of Liquid Metal which is a mix of various different forms of metals and this will make the handset more durable. Simply, light like plastic but tough like aluminum, it would also allow the phone to weigh less than the previous versions.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is saidto be almost weightless mainly due to the use of plastic as a material which is a big drawback in this handset.

The new iPhone will possess a faster processor and Near field communication (NFC) capabilities. NFC basically permits smartphones to transfer data between devices touching them together or bringing them close to each other without using the Wi-fi or any other type of data connection and this makes it much simple to use.