Top 10 Emerging Technologies in 2013

Today there are not just emerging technologies in IT alone. There is emerging healthcare technology and in fact there is a new emerging technology in many of the scientific fields.

Emerging technologies seem to abound these days, which although bodes well for the scientific world and the industrial giants but for us, the common man, we are sometimes placed in an ever increasing battle to change products in order to stay “modern”, especially as many of these technologies are just emerging, the research bills are still to be paid back, making the new products expensive and an extra burden to keep up with.

Here is a list of probably the top 10 new emerging technologies that will further challenge our sense of being “modern”.

  1. On-Line Electric Vehicles (OLEV) – Advances in wireless technology has now produced a method in which to pass on electricity to a moving vehicle from a fixed point under the road. This technology will only take up one fifth of the battery capacity needed by a current electric car.
  2. 3-D Printing and Remote Manufacturing – This technology enables materials like plastic, metal alloys and others, having been placed on top of one another, being able to be transformed into an object from computer created blue prints, remotely sent.
  3. Self Healing Materials – The new technologies of bio-mimicry are now working on materials that are capable of repairing themselves. As well as being able to create a drop in the use of raw materials, the implications for uses in safety clothing or aircraft, could meet no bounds.
  4. Energy Efficient Water Purification – With an increasing world population, water shortages are becoming more common. Desalination of the sea has always been an option but an expensive one. These technologies could half the cost of desalination.
  5. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Conversion and Use – This technology uses photosynthetic bacteria to change CO2 into a potential energy source. Latest research indicates that this technology could be between 10 and 100 times more efficient than current bio-fuels.
  6. Enhanced Nutrition at the Molecular Level – This technology is mind boggling; it is the ability to give the correct nutrients, at a gene level, directly to the body’s requirements. Bye, bye nutritious food additives, you’ll be a thing of the past.
  7. Remote Sensing – This technology is developing in such a manner that it could be used in vehicles to help avoid collisions or in the body to automatically give medications, after having remotely checked blood pressure or other factors.
  8. Drug Delivery Through Nanotechnology Engineering – The capability to deliver medication directly to a deceased cell would greatly alleviate the possibility of the pharmaceutical having damaging effects on the surrounding healthy cells.
  9. Photovoltaic and Organic Electronics – The ability to print out an electric circuit board on an ink jet printer, may not immediately outdate silicon circuitry, as it is not as efficient but with new energy reducing technologies, the time may soon come when it does.
  10. Forth Generation Nuclear Waste Technology – Currently Nuclear reactors are only capable of using 1% of Uranium’s potential, the rest is nuclear waste. Advances in this field will greatly expand the % of the Uranium potential used and also greatly reduce the amount of nuclear waste.