Top 10 iPhone Addicting Games in 2012

Looking for the most addicting games for iPhone? Here is a list of top 10 most addicting games for iPhone / iOS in 2012.

Flick Home Run
This is one of the 10 addicting games on iPhone that requires talent and speed! Hit the ball using your finger that is thrown to you by a pitcher and send them flying as far as you can to earn more points.

Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja is an addicting game on iPhone. Enjoy this exciting game by slicing every fruit you see on your screen using your very own finger! The time on the clock runs-out and you should slice as many fruits as you can. If you see bombs, don’t try to slice them or they will explode!

Harbor Master
This is a free addictive game for iPhone. The goal of the game is to direct the boats to the harbor without them crashing!

Cut the Rope
This game is an addicting free game on iPhone. This game is simple but requires speed and deep thinking. Right timing in cutting the ropes is a must in order for you to feed the hungry monster!

Temple Run
This is an extreme running game for every game addict like you. Collect coins and avoid obstacles is the key to increase your score! Mutated Monkeys are also chasing you and you should do everything to avoid them!

Bungee Ball
This is an addicting game on iPhone. A ball is held by a puck and the puck drives the ball to clash it with other balls but it should be in order. The game improves your problem-solving ability and sharpness of your mind!

It is included in the 10 addicting games of 2012 for your iPhone. The goal of the game is to cut pieces of mass smaller and smaller up to the fixed area while avoiding objects inside of the block. It is simple but really a thrilling one.

Angry Birds
Who of us is not fascinated by this cute, addictive and exciting game? This is a very simple game that allows you to shoot structures using different birds that has different abilities. Every level has different puzzles for you to finish in order for you to move on to the next level.

World of Goo
This is a game that is very addicting because of its challenging element. Build structures in order for it to stand freely with goo and it is quite hard to do. Engineering skills are required in order for you to beat the game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition
This is a very addictive game on iPhone that is an idea of the desktop game of it. This single player game will require you to mine various ingredients and you will have to use them in building anything you want.