Top 10 iPhone Racing Games in 2012

Can’t wait to make those tryres smoke? If you have an iPhone/iPod, here is a list of top 10 best racing games for iPhone in 2012. Are you ready to throttle? Get, Set, Go!

DrawRace 2
This racing game for iPhone gives new perspective about speed and racing! You use your finger to follow the tract your car is going and do your own way of handling your machine.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
A very interesting game for every gamer! You can choose to be a bad boy or a police officer! This racing app game can boost your suspense while playing because you can add some obstacles in your way like hard road blocks, slippery oil slicks and sharp spikes. Use of weaponries is also one of the elements of the game that gives it more exciting.

Pad Racer
A great way of using your driving skills to reach your way to the goal! Using your iPhone as the steering wheel, enjoy this racing game on iPhone and beat every opponent of yours. If you’re not satisfied with the thrills of the tract, make your own using only your own finger!

Badayer Racing
Do you want rough road racing? Enjoy this free racing game for iPhone that is for every person who loves bumpy courses. Start your way from a novice and become a professional racer someday.

Fast Five the Movie: Official Game
This racing game for iPhone really suits for every fan of the Fast Five movie because the movie is actually the foundation of this game. In the game, you will encounter some of the movie’s famous cars and even the famous streets where they race.

Real Racing GTI
If we talk about Real Racing, Real Racing GTI is the one that you should put in your mind! This typical free racing game for iPhone contains the best quality of graphics that is why it is one of the most played racing games for iPhone.

Need for Speed Undercover
This is truly one of the best racing games for iPhone played by many. Enjoy different modes and different environments in this unique racing game!

GT Racing Motor Academy
This racing app game for your iPhone contains a lot of game modes. Not only that, you can also play it through your iPhone’s WiFi or through your iPhone’s Bluetooth. Enjoy lots of cars and tracts to choose from with this free racing game for iPhone.

Raging Thunder 2
This game will really electrify your racing world! Race in extreme and different environments like temples, beaches, snowy mountains and many other great places in the world!

Real Racing 2
This is one of the best racing games for iPhone or maybe the best! Expect nothing but perfection in this one of a kind racing game which is full of superior quality graphics, cars, and wide-range of courses to choose from.