Can Android operate on PC?

Android has taken over majority of market of smartphones all around the world. Its main competitor is Apple’s iOS.

However, both Android and iOS exhibits many similarities, but there lies one major difference which is that iOS is proprietary, while Android is an open source which means that any person can have an easy access to the Android.


Google is accountable for almost all Android development, and it will continue working in this way and it is committed to the agreement on the basis of an Android Open Source Project.

With the help of Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, anyone can play with it and can operate it in an easy manner. A person can change it and build their own versions through it, which is currently most of the Android vendors, are doing with their hardware.

Android 2.2.1 version

The Android-x86 project had recently provided an astonishing results and it can be used in a variety of number of hardware. Older versions of Android were built to basically generic PC hardware, and to produce live images which can be downloaded also, people can run, and can install from the x86 website.

Basically a Virtual Box had been used in order to install Android on an AMD Linux system running Arch. But Android works better and properly on Intel hardware due to recent modifications in the source code. There is no major difference on AMD machine apart from several warnings. Same is the case with ICS, which currently only runs and works on Intel x86 hardware.