How to Use Your Facebook Messenger without a Facebook Account

When the Facebook Messenger app was unveiled to the users, it was received with mixed reactions because a lot of people thought that the app was unnecessary while some embraced the changed. If you were one of those who were sceptical about the app, perhaps the recent developments by the most popular social media channel will change your perception about the app. Facebook announced that the Messenger was now available for use by anyone. It does not matter whether you have a Facebook account or not. By so doing, the platform made the app more useful to users.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

As we speak, U.S., Canada, Peru and Venezuela residents do not necessarily need to create a Facebook account in order to enjoy all the benefits. With the new Facebook Messenger app, all you need to have is a Smartphone and you are good to go. You can use the messenger even if you are yet to join Facebook. Once the app is downloaded and installed, upon signing up, users can access the new option ‘Not on Facebook’ which appears on the signup screen. The option automatically allows you to create the app’s account basically using your name and phone number. That is all you need.

In as much as you do not get to enjoy all the privileges of a Facebook account holder, the app comes with pretty decent features. These features are only available to other users of the Facebook Messenger app and do not have an official Facebook account. What this really means is that if you are not a Facebook account holder, the app will only rely on your Smartphone’s contacts hence limiting you from exploiting a whole network of your Facebook friends. Another limitation with non-Facebook users is that at no point do they get to access their messages online.

To date, it is not quite yet known when exactly the social platform will roll out the app into other countries. However, it is believed that Facebook is using the aforementioned countries as a test ground before they can expand the markets. It is only a matter of time before the app made available for everyone to use. The prospects are looking good and we can only hope that everything will work-out to the advantage of the users.

The app in itself is quite promising. You can use it to not only upload photos but you can also send , videos and any other media for that matter, initiate group chats, use the voice and video calling features among other features. The best part about this is that you do need to have an account. The only flipside about having this Messenger is that as a user you’ll have to surrender all the benefits that come with having a Facebook account such as viewing past messages on your account and having access to a number of multi-device messaging.

The Facebook Messenger has come a long way and it is only a matter of time before it can be recognized as one of the top social media apps available for users.