No More Sexy Snaps and Swearing! Sin Free Facebook Is Officially Launched

Have you heard about FaceGloria? Perhaps you have or you are yet to. FaceGloria is the latest buzzword among the different social media platforms. The social media platform just as the name suggests is supposed to be the sin-free alternative to Facebook was recently launched in Brazil by Evangelical Christians. Without a doubt, FaceGloria is arguably a clean version of the most popular Facebook. The platform advocates for the adherence to the ethical conduct with the forbidding of erotic content, prohibition of violent conduct and swearing of words. In a nutshell, the platform has forbidden the use of over 600 words which have been categorised as offensive.


In a bid to uphold their moral standards, the platform touched on a very controversial issue when the site banned any sort of references to the gay relationships. Other notable changes that have been incorporated by the platform include the use of an ”Amen” button in the place of the usual ”Like” button used on Facebook.

The reception has not been bad at all because as we speak, there are over 100,000 users who have already signed up to the social network. The number is expected to continue to grow especially with the Christian faithful who share in the same ideologies as the Evangelical Christians. It looks as if FaceGloria has a lot to do before it can match the popularity of Facebook but by how things are looking, it is somehow promising. What is even interesting is that the social network is only available in Portuguese and has still managed to attract such reasonable amount of followers. The figures are expected to increase tremendously with the introduction of other languages together with a mobile app to follow through.

While addressing AFP, Atilla Barros the web designer said,” There is a lot pornography and violence being encouraged on Facebook. We thought it would be better if we can create a network that basically promotes God and talks about him and his live. FaceGloria can help to spread His word users around the world.” According to one of the co-founders; Ferraz de Vasconcelos, the investment is worthwhile and they want the network to spread globally thereby offering valuable competition to social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Having been developed in one of the highly religious countries, the social platform is expected to have a lot of things to offer the Christians. Brazil in commonly known her large population of the Roman Catholics but this is changing especially with the rise of Evangelical Christians.

Over the years, we have seen the rise of a number of social networks following the huge success of Facebook. As we have witnessed, some of these platforms have gradually disappeared while others have completely failed to attract attention. It is just a matter of time before we get a clear picture of where FaceGloria is headed. Let us hope that it will not turn out to be as one of the disappointing networks that disappeared along the way.