The Eagerly Anticipated iOS 9 To Be Released In September

According to Apple, the iOS 9 guarantees you a better experience with each of your touches. As a user the OS is set to provide you with full enhancements that you’ll come to appreciate on a daily basis. Just like the other versions, the iOS 9 does not disappoint a bit with upgrades on Siri, Maps and multitasking abilities on your device. As we speak, the iOS 9 public beta is available for download through free public beta but the official release date is slated to be later on in September.

iOS 9
iOS 9

As the latest update for iPhone and iPad, iOS 9 has launched with Apple Music, a smarter Siri, new in-built apps, maps with public transit direction and a true tablet multitasking. The project was introduced to us on June 8 but we’ll have to wait until September when both iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will be unveiled in order to catch a glimpse of the full version of iOS 9.
What to expect from the version
If it so happens that you’ve enrolled yourself in Apple’s public beta program or its iOS developer program you can try out the iOS 9 public beta version which was launched a few hour ago. This version was unveiled at the WWDC. To enjoy all the benefits, it requires that you become a registered developer paying a yearly fee. However, if you want the free version of the operating system, you’ll have to wait until September. The wait is worthwhile considering the fact that both the iOS 9 beta 1 and beta 2 were all buggy and unfinished. The final version always has the best features.
From what is clearly evident, it looks as if iOS 9 already has proven to be more inclusive when compared to the previous versions. One if the most interesting aspects about this update is that Apple is opting to make this update compatible with the older iOS devices. You can expect the operating system to work with your iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd gen, and iPod touch 5th gen with all the latter versions.
Currently, the public better version is not yet technically more inclusive. However, if your device hardware runs iOS 8, rest assured that it can handle iOS 9.
If you are fond of Siri, there is a lot that will make you smile about the updated Siri in this version. With every version, Siri seems to be getting smarter and smarter and this particular one is expected to rival Google Now. The app now understands the word ”it” within each context and it will help to bring proactivity to the OS. With iOS 9 proactivity, it adds more to your fingertips via Siri. It is capable of even suggesting to you all the appointments that you need to add to your Calendar and pulls up photos in accordance to your location and time with the assistance of your voice.
You can expect much more from this operating system but you’ll just have to wait until when the full version will be released.