How to Increase Traffic to My Website

Developing a website is the easy part. Getting people to visit the website is difficult. Did you know that the number of visitors on your website, depends on what you are offer them? Take a small cleaning service in Miami, Florida, for example. The company has a website and naturally targets those who stay in Miami and neighboring areas. So the company’s web strategy should concentrate on attracting clients from Miami and not the entire US. The good news is, there are a number of things you can do to increase the traffic to your websitezahipedia_seo-serp.

Guest posting and link building

Guest posting helps in attracting people to your website. Most websites are apprehensive about allowing guest posts because of quality concerns. However, writing new and insightful content can increase your chances of getting opportunities for guest posts. Include a link to your blog in all your online profiles. Invite other bloggers to write guest posts on your website. Submit your blog to popular blog directories. Commenting on forums that cater to your niche is another quick way to catch eyeballs. Make sure your comments are helpful though.

 Write good content

Clean and crisp content attracts people. Write strong headlines for your posts and get the posts edited and proofread before you post them. Solicit comments from your website visitors (criticism will keep you objective and grounded). Use Google Analytics or other webmaster tools to find out the most common keywords for your niche and include them in your posts. Cover popular topics.

Make use of social media

Social media is a wonderful tool to bring more people to your website. Encourage people to share your content by embedding social media buttons on your website as well as under your posts. Join Twitter and Facebook. Make insightful comments on other people’s blog or articles. Do not use social media only for self-promotion. Help people find what they are looking for. Run small contests to encourage your users to visit your page often. You can give out gifts like e-books, free subscriptions to your service and so on to the winners. Comment on other social media pages to boost your presence.

Try search engine optimization

Search engine optimization through keywords is not as useful as it once was, thanks to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm change. However, as the National Retail Federation found in 2014, SEO is still the most effective way to find online customers. Some aspects of SEO are still alive. For example, long tail keywords. SEO specialists have also discovered many other tools like organic search, aligning content with SEO, pay per click and more.

There are many other factors that can increase web traffic, like optimizing your website for mobile (according to a comScore report from 2014, mobile internet has now surpassed internet access through desktop), using interesting graphics and photos on your website and so on. Use these tips to see a boost in your website traffic.