Top 5 features of Iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus

Apple has finally unveiled its new flagship. There are many new features, so let’s not procrastinate and get back in the thick of it. All you need to know iPhone 7 and iphone 7 Plus.iphone-7

1) It Is Waterproof

How many iPhones have met the great creator at the bottom of the toilet, in the pool or in a pint? Good news for IFans: it will not happen again.

You have before you the first waterproof Apple phone.

The IPhone 7 can have fun splashing and will certainly survive an accidental swim. The seals protect the delicate interiorfrom moisture, noneed to worry in case of heavy rain.

2) Camera a Little Higher Up

Like last year, there is little difference between the iPhone 7 and its big brother, but there are all of the same few interesting innovations.

First: optical stabilization. It was only present on the iPhone 6s, it is now integrated even on the standard model. 12 MP still for the main purpose but it is 60% faster and 30% more efficient in terms of energy. You will not use up your battery in a few hours if you are a pro photo taker.

The lens has a wider aperture (f / 1.8), which allows for much more light compared to older models. TrueTone flash is always present, but it has four LEDs to 50% more light in dark environments. The anti-flicker should play the shutter based on artificial light.

You can also save RAW and JPEG files in a very wide range of colors.

The front camera has received a small upgrade, it now has a FaceTime HD sensor of 7 MP.

3) The iPhone 7 Plus Zoom

In addition to the 12 MP camera, the iPhone 7 Plus has a second objective of 56 mm (28 mm for the standard lens).

This change has allowed Apple to make small wonders. There is now a new button in the photo application: x1. Press it, and you will have a 2x zoom with no loss in the second goal.

You can absolutely go up to x10 without apparent loss of quality.

Apple did not return in the technical details of this function, but this confirms that it is possible to have an advanced zoom using both the two cameras and software.

If it works, we have before us the best smartphone camera ever made. We must wait to see how it all actually works, but it’s a feature that no other smartphone features.

4) 16 GB, a distant memory, sniff

The iPhone 16GB memory which when installed on the iOS and critical applications, leave you room for about 20 photos is gone. The new storage of the iPhone 7 will be 32GB, with options of 128 and 256 GB. 256 GB is huge for a phone, it’s more than a lot of Apple laptops have.

5) The Home button is touch

We have not yet spoken of the Home button, but it has been greatly modified. It is no longer a button: it features the new MacBook Touch Force.It detects the intensity of your pressure and responds with the Taptic Engine vibration technology. It will also be used for notifications and applications.