5 Great Ideas For Running An App Install Campaign

Breaking into either of the two major app store’s top 25 rankings is an extremely difficult task. The app store is crowded with some amazing apps, so it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd and be recognized. Some apps get lucky, catch fire, and gain popularity like fads, but this is a rare occurrence and isn’t reliable in the slightest. However, sitting back and doing nothing isn’t an option, as if this happens then your app will fade into obscurity. Thankfully, developers can run app install campaigns to boost their apps visibility and secure more downloads from users. However, what makes a great app install campaign, and what steps can you take to make sure your app install campaign succeeds? Here are five great ideas for running an app install campaign.

5 Great Ideas For Running An App Install Campaign

Target Your Demographic

Identifying your target demographic and running a campaign specifically tailored towards them is the best way to maximize your app’s downloads. If your app is designed for younger users, then perhaps you should focus your campaign on young adults on Twitter. However, if your app is designed for older users or children then you might want to run a campaign on Facebook so that older adults and parents are exposed to it. Ensuring that the demographic that is the most likely to download your app is the demographic that most frequently sees your advertisements is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

Talk To Experts

If you’re struggling to create an effective app install campaign, don’t worry as there are marketing experts that can help you. Digital marketing agencies that offer search engine optimization services and other digital marketing help can be a huge help in getting your app’s name out there. These marketing firms can help you with everything, from your ad’s wording to the images used. In addition, these firms can help you manage your marketing budgets to maximize effectiveness and grant your app the most exposure possible.

Use Visual Content

Social media users typically scroll through their news feeds at a fast pace, and their attention darts from one thing to another in little to no time at all. That’s why it is important to include powerful pieces of visual content in your app install campaign. These images should be powerful and captivating, but they also should be unique and show off your application. Simply using stock images will make your app appear standard and boring, and won’t allow you to differentiate yourself from other apps. Finding visual content that has the perfect balance between captivating and relevancy to your app could be exactly what you need to vault your app to the top,

Use A Strong Call To Action

Once your visual content has grabbed the attention of a potential user, your ad’s word content and call to action need to be able to entice the user to download the application. Strong call to actions such as “download today” or “click here” motivate the user to complete an action and follow through with downloading the application. Without these call to actions, users may simply see your advertisement and scroll past without really giving what they saw a second thought.

Include Statistics On Your App

People love to be a part of a large social group as it gives them a sense of belonging. This is why you should include some sort of statistic that displays the quality of your ad in your campaign. This could be as simple as saying “Join over ten thousand users by completing the download.” Statements like these make the user feel like they are joining an already established community and increase the likelihood that they will download your app.