Understanding the replica watches

15-30% of searches on the internet for watches are people looking for a replica. According to the Swiss watch industry, the replica watch market costs the traditional market billions of dollars. A lot of effort is being made to prevent the sale of fake watches. In 2010, around 7000 replica Rolex watches were crushed under a steamroller.
How big is the problem?
By working closely with the authorities, the luxury industry has a large share in the success story of the seizure of counterfeit watches. Despite the successful approach, many fake products still end up with consumers. It appears to be too difficult to confiscate all counterfeit goods. The brand recognition of watch brands is increasing due to the marketing strategy of the largest companies. This results in more production and sales from the same companies that are so eager to stop this production. The replica watch market is a market where many consumers find products that they can impress. Due to the high price of the original watches, which the majority of the population simply cannot afford, the cheaper alternative is often chosen.
How good are fake watches?
Imagine for a moment that a Lamborghini of € 300,000 wants to have. You want it because of the style and the engine. Unfortunately you do not have this amount at your disposal. You find someone who offers a replica Lamborghini for € 15,000. According to the seller, this replica is just as good as “the real thing.” You decide to buy the Lombarghini. After all, it is 20 times as cheap. A small price to show everyone that you have a sports car.

The moment you drive away in your new Lombarghini you notice that the engine is less big than you thought. The black smoke that you see rising from the hood is also pretty strange to you. After a week the paint starts to let go. Another week later you break gear lever. You come to the realization that your car of € 15,000 does not actually come close to other cars in the same price range. This is about the story of replica watch owners. The moral of the story is that replica products in the far distance do not come close to the real products.

What now?
Think carefully if you really want to buy a replica watch. The price / quality ratio is very bad, buying a replica is even punishable and a fake watch makes you look somewhat stupid. If you still want it, go ahead. You probably buy a replica to impress, to wear it as a status symbol. However, wearing a replica makes an impression on the wrong group. The people you would like to impress can see the difference between real and fake immediately and wearing a replica will only bring about the opposite effect. The wisest thing to do is to spend the money you wanted to spend on a replica on an authentic watch in the same price range as the desired replica. Be sure to buy authentic watches at reputable stores likehttps://www.watchshopping.com/.