10 Android Tips Every ANDROID User Must Know

Have you ever wondered why Android phone surveillance apps exist? Well, everyone wants to keep tabs on the activities of people whom they deeply care about. That’s due to the recent increase in web surfing and social media apps’ thrive on the platform.

Cyberbullying cases on the news make parents find it hard to trust children with their cell phones. Yet, forbidding them to use the phones isn’t a good idea as it might cause more harm than good. Instead, you can track their phone activities with a parental guidance app.

This guide on the 10 Android tips every Android user must know has all you need. You’ll find Android surveillance apps that can get you Android device data in minutes. Without more to say, let’s dive into the list and learn about these apps:

Part 1: TeenSafe-The World Leader in The Parental Control Space

In the top position of our list is the TeenSafe app. It’s the most recognized parenting web service relied on by millions of subscribers. Parents in over 190 countries worldwide use it to monitor their kids’ phone and tablet activities every day.

Jam-packed with incredible parental monitoring features, you can never tire of TeenSafe’s capabilities. It’s a feature-rich app with the ability to perform powerful phone tracking tasks with almost no effort from the customer’s part.

Even popular media channels like Business Insider, Tech Advisor, etc., have featured TeenSafe on their reviews several times. It isn’t surprising because you won’t dislike the app. It shows you everything happening on your kid’s phone and can be used to trace a lost phone.

1.1 How TeenSafe Operates

When it comes to monitoring Android devices, you’re required to download the TeenSafe app on your kid’s phone. The 2MB app takes only a few seconds to install, and there’s no rooting of their device.

As it installs, activate stealth mode for the app icon to disappear from the child’s phone app menu. TeenSafe runs in the background and drains very minimal battery power. It doesn’t give any notifications, so your children won’t notice anything suspicious.

After setup finishes, you’ll never need to touch their device again. When you want to remove the app, use the uninstallation button on your dashboard to eliminate it remotely. If you want more information about its potential, go to this blog article to track kid’s Android phone.

1.2 How to Start Using TeenSafe to Monitor Android Phones

Step 1: Get a TeenSafe account and choose a subscription plan for Android devices.

Step 2: On the control panel, fill in the provided fields with the name, age, and OS of your kid’s phone.

Step 3: Download the TeenSafe app using the emailed link. Make sure stealth mode operation is active as you wind up the installation.

Part 2: Track Kid’s Phone without Experience with Spyic

Step 4: Hit the “start” button on your screen for the dashboard to appear and wait for syncing with the device. Navigate to the left-side menu for all TeenSafe’s features.

Spyic is a specially designed Android tracker that can monitor all Android gadgets without you rooting the device. It monitors in real-time and is used to track GPS location, browsing pattern, text messages, etc. Create an account, and you are good to go.

Part 3: Monitor your Child’s Phone Activities with Spyine

Among the best hidden and undetectable phone monitoring apps is Spyine. It has a reputable name for various reasons. The app has one of the highest numbers of features to keep tabs of every phone activity.

Part 4: Spyier

Spyier phone tracker for Android can help you discover whatever your children do on their cell phones. It’s compatible with Android version 4.0 to the latest. You can access your online dashboard just as easy as using your favourite browser.

Part 5: Minspy

As a leading brand in the parental control industry, Minspy has unique capabilities. The phone tracker is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can use it to see what your kid is texting and know with whom they’re chatting.

Part 6: Neatspy

If you haven’t found an app that satisfies your parental monitoring requirements above, we have Neatspy. It’s elegant, engaging, and the well-organized interface functions the same as that of TeenSafe. Use the app to keep tabs of your kid’s phone happenings within minutes.

Part 7: Cocospy

Are you looking for a professional and discreet Android monitoring software? Cocospy is an all in one phone tracker that operates in complete secrecy. Once it downloads and installs on your kid’s phone, the app icon vanishes and doesn’t alert them.

Part 8: FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor is the other leading phone monitoring software with robust elements. Use the app for non-intrusive monitoring, web filtering, and much more. You don’t need any rooting skills to use it.

Part 9: Spyzie

The final product on our list is Spyzie. With the app, you will monitor everything happening on your kid’s device remotely. From your online account, you can know every time they send or receive messages and see who they’re texting.

Part 10: SecureTeen

If you have a teenage kid that needs some parental control, SecureTeen  is an ideal solution for you. It can track your kid’s phone key presses, for both  Android  and iOS. Use the app to monitor kids round the clock.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide’s been useful to you. All the tools in this list work similarly to monitor Android devices. Check out the TeenSafe live demo first to feel how these apps work. You will surely enjoy its simplicity and outstanding performance.