How to Find Your Old High School Classmates

High school life is usually a fun place, which allows us to meet new friends. Others fall in love and end up marrying one another. 

Since life takes us to different places after high school, some friends tend to disappear. Finding them after that can be a challenge. If you have a dire need to find an old classmate, then you can do so on the internet. 

Today, we will show you how you can achieve that. You will be to know safe and efficient ways you can use to find those classmates of yours.

Use CocoFinder; a people search service

The first and the best method to use is using a people finder such as CocoFinder. Initially, these directories were not as prevalent, but now, with the increasing use of the internet, people tend to use them for this purpose.

CocoFinder is a people search service that allows you to connect with friends. The platform has over one million users, which is enough to tell you that the site is reliable. Additionally, large online brands such as the New York Times, Forbes, Top 10 Reviews, and CNET, endorse this site. 

What to know about the people search service section

The site has so many services. In this case, you will require the people search services section. 

When you go to this section, you will find a form at the top of the page. Type in the name of your classmate, the city you think they live in, and then select the state you think you can find them. After this, press search.

CocoFinder searches through its vast database to find a match. Once it does, it will combine a comprehensive report. The report consists of the person’s name, their residents, their family and relatives, contact information, their financial, fraud ratings, business, and lien records.

The reports also do background checks on an individual to know what they do.

Why you should use CocoFinder

One of the main benefits of employing people search service is that it is free. If you want to know everything about the site, go to CocoFinder home page

Nevertheless, what you have to do is create an account with your email and a strong password. From then on, you can access each of the services that CocoFinder offers.

Apart from that, CocoFinder allows you to carry out unlimited searches. Their condition, however, is that users should ensure that they use the site for the right reasons. Wrong usage can attract a penalty.

They also have a support team, which you can reach at any time. Once you send the team a query, they should be able to reply within 24 hours. 

Extra benefits you get while using the people search services include:

  • They ensure that they protect your privacy
  • You can opt-out
  • The results are accurate most of the times

Other methods you can use to search for your classmates

Try Facebook

Everyone uses social media nowadays. Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms across the world. 

If you have your classmate’s name, you can type in the search button. Besides that, you can check on different Facebook groups. For instance, you can use the name of the school you were in and the year that you completed school. The good thing is that you can locate them quickly.

However, Facebook may not be adequate if you want to connect with your classmates. People change their names. And if they have a common name, then chances of finding them becomes extra challenging.

Use Google

Search engines are also effective ways to locate someone. The only problem with this method, however, is that they direct you to public records. If you have used these documents before, you already understand that they can be tedious to use.

Final thoughts

Connecting with your classmates allows you to remind each of past exciting and sad memories, know how they are doing, be of help to each other, and may rekindle lost friendships. 

Among the three methods presented in this article, using CocoFinder can be the most beneficial because it helps you find their contact information quicker than using social media. Therefore, it is the most recommended method.