Falling prices for LCD screens predicted

On the way to your nearest electronics store to buy a new LCD screen? Well hold your horses! Market analysts are predicting a major fall in prices of LCD monitors and TVs around and after Black Friday, with low prices lasting well into 2009. Clearly, there is some explaining to do, yes?

Well it seems, according to the people who know these things, that although one of the contributing factors is the generally depressing state of world economies it is not the major factor.

It seems that the big reason is that manufacturers have been building new plants and as stocks are already building due to falling demand they have nowhere to go but to lower prices. So how big a price fall can we see? Well according to the Associated Press, prices might fall by as much as 40-50%. That essentially means that 32″¬†LCD monitors that are available for $700 might go for as low as $350-$400.

Our opinion is that this is good for the consumers, other than the general recessionary tendency we are seeing these days, of course. If we get lucky, we might pick one up for ourselves.

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  1. That’s been the trend so far but I doubt how many computer users could use a screen larger than 22-24 inches.

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