HTC Max 4G, world’s first Wi-MAX + GSM phone

The HTC Max 4G is a cellphone/PDA based on Windows Mobile 6.1, that and it is the world’s first Wi-Max and GSM combo phone. This means that you could essentially get transfer rates of up to 70 Mb/s on a Wi-Max network. This beats all the hyped up phones that have been released. Unfortunately, if you live outside Russia you will have to miss out on this one.

It would be quite useless to own this phone outside Russia and the availability of Yota’s Wi-Max network because while it is a reasonably high-end phone in its own right, its the Wi-Max connectivity that truly makes it worthwhile. Other than that its features include a 3.8″ TFT LCD screen that is touch sensitive and has a 480 by 800 WVGA resolution.

The HTC 4G also has an in-built GPS, wireless connectivity and motion sensitivity which enables it to automatically rotate the screen when you flip it. It has two cameras, a 3.2 MP color camera with auto focus and a secondary VGA CMOS color camera. In addition to that it has up to 8 GB worth of flash memory. A really neat feature in the HTC 4G is Voice and Video over IP (VoIP).

So as you can clearly see, the specs are fairly decent but nothing to rave about. On the other hand the HTC Touch sets have been steadily improving and are now have a very smooth interface and plenty of good features. But the main seller for this particular HTC Touch 4G phone is its Wi-Max capability and if you can’t use that you might as well get something else.