SanDisk iPod killer

Alright so the SanDisk Sansa Clip isn’t really likely to get rid of Apple iPods, but hey, its tempting to say it. The Sansa Clip will have 8 GB worth of memory and costs only $99. It costs about $30 more than the highest capacity iPod Shuffle (which costs $69) and has 4 times the memory size. The clip is removable and that is probably a strong selling point, seriously!

Although the image above shows a 2 GB Sansa Clip, the 8 GB Sansa Clip will be the same size and will come in black only. The Sansa Clip also has an FM Tuner that lets you save station presets. One really awesome feature is that it can play Audiobooks and has an auto-bookmarking feature. It also has support for several big music subsciption or download sites like Napster, Rhapsody (has DNA integration), eMusic, etc. MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMV, secure WMA & Audible files are all supported on the Sansa clip. It also has an in-built microphone for those of you who like to record your own voice to admire it later.

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