iWork upgrade introduced by Apple

Apple launched a new version of iWork with the addition of latest productivity features. According to Apple, the iWork is a collection of business productivity tools and iWork ’09 features new versions of numbers, pages and keynotes.

The iWork ’09 will allow iPhone or iPod users to control their presentations through the new version of Keynote Remote Application. Apple have decided the application cost to be $1.

The spotlight of iWork ’09 is the Pages ’09 application, which is highlighted by the addition of the full screen view that allows users to focus completely on their writing projects. Simply by moving the mouse up to the top of the screen, allows user to access to the top of the Pages’ menus.

Not only this, the upgrade version of Pages ’09 also adds an amazing outline feature for managing writing projects. Any changes made to the outline while working on it, will be significantly highlighted by the page view.

Some other upgrades to Pages ’09 include support for Math type, EndNote formulas, new templates, etc. And finally, Numbers ’09 supports Table categories to the spreadsheet application. A new formula window in Numbers allows users to select more than 250 functions including variables.

iWork ’09 costs around $79 with family pack of $99. Apple has also decided to collaborate iWork ’09 with iLife ’09 in a $169 MacBox which also includes Leopard.