Gmail accounts now work in offline mode

Gmail accounts now work in offline mode. Google provided this opportunity to Gmail users to work offline as it was desperately required by businesses using Gmail apps and other normal consumers using regular Gmail accounts.

It sounds a bit unusual as how can work offline while using Gmail apps, but it is here. Offline e-mail allows Gmail account holders to load Gmail to their web browser even if they do not have an internet connection. Gmail account holders will just n0t be able to load the browser but will aslo be able to label, star, read archive and organize their e-mails.

In this spectrum, the business using gmail apps and other regular consumers have benefited a lot. As gmail also provides the oppertunity for gmail account holders to compose e-mails while they are not connected to the internet and then move it to their outbox.

And when they go online, they can simply, with one click,grab the e-mails stored in their outbox and send them to the desired address. In other words, Google is trying its best to provide gmail account holders with the best of electronic mail service.

The offline gmail service is basically built on the Gears platform, which Google has also used previously to build Google Docs, Google Reader, and several other web apps available offline.

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  1. It seems that Google is actually trying really hard to make itself more and more user –friendly but it may simply be a frantic endeavor to supplant the rising popularity of Microsoft (the idea of offline e-mail is actually clichéd from MS Outlook)

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