Micorosft Windows Mobile 7, Delay after Delay!

Windows Mobile 7 that was initially due to be available to the test users in the end of 2009, and than release in the February 2010. But now as the situation seems it looks as if the date of the Windows Mobile 7 release have been further delayed to the end of the 2010. Although the Microsoft hasn’t given the exact date of release yet but according to the rumors the release date has further been delayed.


The rumor of the delay in the release of the WinMo 7 was further strengthened when WMpoweruser.com reported from that Phil Moore, the Microsoft Uk’s head of mobility said in the Connect technology summit in London that the release of the Windows mobile 7 has been pushed to the “late next year”, but it will come definitely. He also mentioned that more news and details about WinMo 7 will be available soon. According to him Windows Mobile 7 will focus on the requirement of consumers and enterprise users. He also talked about the flexibility in the Windows Mobile 7 at the User Interface.

Although the statement of pushing back to the late next year is ambiguous, but that seems that the release date has further been delayed from the third quarter to the to the November or December. The delay in release of WinMo 7 will put it in the race with other Operating System giants like Google, Apple and Palm etc as all of them are expected to release some major updates of their Operating Systems.

The issue is nor very sure neither very ambiguous but one thing is for sure that the more the release of Windows Mobile 7 is delayed the tougher will the competition become as it will have to compete with the latest versions of all other Operating Systems. Let’s wait for Microsoft release of Microsoft Windows mobile 7.

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