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December 16, 2009 – 1:00 am | by Sana

Blogging has become a fashion in the cyber world; most of the cyber users have started to write blogs. Different people have different interests, so as there blogs.

Due to the ever increasing number of the blogs on net as calculated to be more than 110 million blogs throughout the net, Google has started Google blog search to make an ease for the internet users to search specifically through blogs. Google blog search helps in finding the unofficial news, commentaries, stories personnel experiences and all sort of blog posts thus making it a very useful service.


Along with the search option the Google blog search homepage also contains some latest informative blog posts selected from the blogosphere according to the popularity of the topics. Google’s blog search also comes with Google advance blog search option, which makes it quite easy to find results according to one’s own need, as it gives you the option of words to search in the contents of the blog, it also provides you with the option to set the time frame of the post that you are searching for, thus making it too easy for one to search anything of their interest.

Google has selected to provide the blog search throughout the web instead of limiting itself to Google blogspot search, thus making it a useful blog search engine. Although the Google site search blog too, but the introduction of separate blog search has helped the bloggers in searching and finding the required posts.

Google’s blog search not only provides you with the latest trend of the searching on its homepage but also the categorical division makes it easy to search for a specific category blog. All these services combined make Google blog search a perfect choice for bloggers and other people searching for blogs on internet.


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