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Today, world has been revolutionized with new technological concepts and methods; if we talk about the internet then we cannot resist from being surprised by the services and set up of advanced developments introduced by Google.

Google image search
is one of those superb services which are provided by Google to the internet user, Google image search is a platform, where users can discover the web of image content very easily and without hassles.

Google search image was first introduced in July 2001, but right now it is more known as Google images. If you wish to see from where an image is originated or from which website the image is coming from then Google image search is the best way to observe the original place of an image.

You can search for a particular image through Google advance image search, if there is a need to collect to the specific or in depth information about an image, however the website has made it easy for you to find out any image content by displaying thumbnail of each matching image (thumbnails are the reduced size of any picture which helps a use to see what exactly the organization or type of picture is). Thumbnails are used everywhere now and are a part of every second operating system from Microsoft Windows to GNOME.

A user is able to gather the all pieces information about any images by going through the thumbnail of the desired picture/image. Searching for an image through Google Advance image search is a fun and also helps in refining the search result for a specific image.

We can roll out to Advance Google search and get images in reference to words, keywords, phrase, content, faces, photo content, news content, clip art and drawing. And we can also search an image according to the exact size by putting width and height. In case we don’t know exact size we may search image of any size from medium to 70 MP from the option box, moreover Google image search can be made in connection to color, website name, domain, style, ratio, and license.

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