Apple iPod Nano 5th Generation Review

We all have been and are familiar with Apple’s iPod series. To be precise, Apple has revolutionized the whole concept of portable music players. In fact, it has re-shaped the market for mp3 players and other audio devices.


Apple iPod nano 5th generation is the most amazing audio master piece Apple could have come up with. The most interesting thing about iPod nano 5th generation is the video camera on its back. With a 2.2 inch screen and memory storage of up to 16GB, iPod nano also has a different physical structure.

If we look at the iPod nano 5th generation, we see that it is not a conventional type iPod. The shape has been changed and the video recording camera adds a new flare to the device. The glossy finish makes the new iPod nano more funky and helps infuse it into the vibes.

To be more precise about the features, well iPod nano 5th generation has 2.2 inch screen, a pedometer, HD picture and video recording and built in speakers.

In all, the Apple iPod nano 5th generation is totally an attractive gadget which is desired by many who are into music and multimedia.

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