Motorola ROKR ZN50 Tech Detail | Motorola ROKR ZN50 Specification Review

Another Android phone by Motorola? Well not exactly. Motorola ROKR ZN50 is the latest touch-slider music phone with high-tech capabilities and lustrous appearance.

Although many people associate the physical features of Motorola ROKR ZN50 with Nokia’s Xpress Music but that’s not the case. If we examine Motorola ZN50 carefully, we see that there are several features which are totally different then Nokia’s Xpress Music cell phones.

For example, Motorola ROKR ZN50 has 3 home scree menus. It has a 3.2 inch full touch screen display and has a built in support for stereo Bluetooth and HSPDA. Apart from this, Motorola ROKR ZN50 has a 3.0 mega-pixel auto foucs camera which supports video recording.

Since Motorola ROKR ZN50 is meant to be a music phone, it has enough battery to support 30 hours of non stop music run time. Not only this, it has a built in microSD card slot which allows up to 16GB memory card support. In all, the Motorola ROKR ZN50 is truly a rocking phone in regard of music and multimedia options.

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