Microsoft Surface Project Review | Mobile with Projector

Microsoft recently launched a project which consisted of mobile phone and projection alliance. In other words, Microsoft Mobile Surface Project plans to combine mobile phones with projector devices.


One may think how is it possible to use the camera of a cell phone as a normal projector. Well, Microsoft surely has an answer for that in through the Mobile Surface Project. A long debate has been going on regarding this concept. Most of all issues have been raised when it comes to the feasibility of the project. Many have argued that is would not be possible to project images or even live video through a cell phone on a projector screen.

Basically, Microsoft’s Surface Project states that the camera of a cell phone will be used to project the home screen or the program running on a projector screen. The only issue in consideration is that a high resolution camera with HD quality will be required to project the programs or images with a reasonable view quality. As for now, Microsoft has been unable to find devices and cell phone with such capabilities to support their plan.

Yes, there are some cell phone available in the market which cameras up to 12 mega pixel, but they have other hardware and OS issues which do not settle with Mobile Surface Project. In all, we can wait for a while and see what Microsoft has to offer in near future regarding the Mobile Surface Project.