Nokia C6 Touch Cell Phone Review | Nokia C6 Tech Detail

Nokia recently announced another touch screen cell phone with reasonable tech details. Nokia C6, the latest by Nokia in C series is an attempt to provide a gadget some what similar to Nokia N97.

If we review Nokia C6, we get to know that it is the 3rd slider cell phone in the S60 category. Not only this, Nokia C6 is a fully functional phone with all-rounder features in a controlled price range. Nokia C6 can become a high demand phone due to its slider touch screen and the QWERTY keyboard.

Apart from the tight features and shape, Nokia C6 is also expected to have a GPS system along with an HD touch screen with a friendly User Interface. Nokia C6 will also be based on 3G technology and there will be a slot for MicroSD memory card.

However, no exact price tag has been publicised by Nokia nor is the availability date released.

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