The Weather Channel Live Online

The Weather Channel live online. Watch free online Weather channel live broadcast. Weather channel live is basically a dedicated channel based in U.S which brings timely live weather updates along with forecasts and potential natural threats.


The Weather channel live was first launched in May 1982 and is currently owned by NBC Universal Group. Weather channel live also has three sister channels namely; MSNBC, NBC and Weatherscan. However, Weather channel primarily focuses on weather updates of different cities of U.S as well as different cities of countries around the world.

Some of the famous programs of weather channel live online include:

  • Weekend view
  • Day planner
  • PM edition
  • First outlook
  • Weather center
  • Your weather today
  • Sunrise weather

Now you can watch free online Weather channel live broadcast and stay updated with the weather situation in your region.

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  1. 12/18/2010 This E-mail is in reference to the weather reports on TV. We receive these on eight minutes after the hour. The format used today is not good as the one used on the TV most recently such as -local weather by city,then the weather by sections of the USA then the world weather.Many of our friends agree with me. Please consider a change back to the your format suggested above. Thanks. Don Fieldhouse Naples Fl,

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