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This offer will surely appeal to all you people out there looking for an easy way (and cheap too!) for setting up your own website. Be it a blog, a commercial website or something just for fun and unless you’re tech-savvy enough to run your own server, then you will probably need to have a web host. Of course prior to that you need to have a registered domain name. We have found a promotion being run at that we believe could well be advantageous to our readers so read on to find out about it.

doteasy free webhosting promo

Web hosting is a very tricky thing and it is difficult to get 100% up-time. One of the key things to look at when getting a new web host is to check how reliable they are or what their up-time is. Up-time is essentially the percentage of time that a web host keeps your site active as opposed to down-time when your web site is inactive due to whatever reason. is a business hosting company that started about a decade back in 2000 and are one of the few reliable web hosts to provide a free hosting plan. This is a promotional offer and is essentially targeted at people looking to open up new websites.

This is how the promotion works, you sign up for a new domain name (.com/.net/.org/.biz domains available) and enter the coupon code that you can find below. The domain registration costs $7.95 but the added web hosting is completely free.

So if you want free web hosting And if you want to go directly to the domain registration stage of the promotion

And last but not least, the coupon code for this promotion is 1003BPM.

So do avail this promotion and let us know your thoughts.

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