Android 2.1 Coming Soon for Motorola Droid Phones

Users of the Motorola droid of USA are not only waiting for the latest and updated edition of Motorola Android Apps i.e. Android 2.1.  Not only are the USA Motorola users waiting for the arrival of the Android 2.1 release Canadian Motorola Droid Phones users are asking for it.


Motorola officials has not given any clear indications of the arrival of the Android 2.1 Update, only on the Face book page Motorola update that Android 2.1 update will be released once it is finally completed and tested up to the standards. The main aim and priority of the Motorola is to provide the best and facilities theirs users. Once they feel that Android 2.1 update will facilities the users in all aspects, then they will launch it in the market.

Android 2.1 is in the testing phase, therefore no launching date will be provided to the Motorola Droid users. As earlier the Update is finalized and according to the latest technology requirements with all features and able to satisfy the users, launch date will be announced by Motorola officials. Still testing is going on the Android 2.1 Update, therefore no such date will be given to Motorola Droid Users.

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