Download Skype 5 Beta | Skype 5 Beta with Group Video Conference Now Available For Download

Skype the largest VOIP communication software has launched new Skype 5 Beta release for Skype messenger. Skype 5 Beta release is embedded with new enhanced feature group video conference. With this new feature one can have video chat free upto his or her five friends while using Skype messenger. For this feature, you and yours friends must be using the latest beta version of most popular VOIP service Software Skype that is Skype 5.0 Beta release.

Skype is offering free Video chat on temporarily basis and it will not stay for long time. Skype will test some other new services and features before introducing the final release of Skype messenger. After the final release Group video conference feature will no longer be free for the Skype users.  However at the moment Skype audio/video feature is free so you must not be worried about so far but one has to understand that they must need some revenue to keep it this way.

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