Apple order 24 million iPhone 4Gs

May 19, 2010 – 4:39 pm | by omer

Apple next generation iPhone mobile that is Apple iPhone 4G will be the upcoming hit in the iPhone market all over the world.  Apple is making big bets all over the market about their incredible iPhone 4G Apple features and according to the Apple officials they are expecting its launch will be amazing with large number of sales.  Apple Corporation is planning to ship 24 million units of the Apple iPhone 4G by the end of this year 2010. Apple has granted an agreement to one of its Chinese manufacturer.

Taiwan- based Foxconn Apple’s Manufacturer, according to the manufacturer partner Apple has planned to launch their implausible next generation iPhone mobile in the upcoming Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference around 7th June till 11th June this year 2010.   Apple has given the responsibility to the Foxconn to ship approximately 4.5 million iPhones by the end of June this year 2010 and remaining shipment of approximately 19.5 4Gs iPhones will be completed during the end of this year 2010, according to the DigiTimes.

Apple has adopted very different strategy regarding the launching and shipment of the next generation iPhone 4G as compare to iPad. The reason behind choosing different strategy by Apple Corporation is the huge number of iPhone’s that is 24 million and it’s not easy to handle such big number of amount as compared to total sales of 50 million since the iPhone first arrived in market in 2007. Apple approach is to spread out the market with the iPhone 4G every where in order to avail benefit over its other iPhone competitors specially phone running on Android operating system.


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