Apple 4G Release| Apple iPhone 4G|iPhone HD to Feature Highest Resolution Screen Yet Seen on any Phone

Apple is going to be launched its new upcoming latest iPhone mobile device  known  as Apple iPhone 4G anywhere in the month of June and July this year 2010. Apple’s magical and revolutionary mobile device information was already prevailing in the market where Apple has announced the iPhone device will be soon arrived in the market with in the price of $1000.

According to the technical analyst, the Apple iPhone 4G device is something extraordinary and 4G Apple iPhone specs and features will give whole new experience level to the users.  Already the existing Apple iPhone models were so trendy that they had taken Apple stocks to the Sky. Everybody is badly waiting for the arrival of Apple iPhone latest 4G to come into the market , in order to see what features and specs are incorporate with the trendy and magical iPhone 4G.

Apple latest 4G iPhone mobile device has twice the display resolution density in both horizontal and vertical directions as compare to the existing Apple iPhone 3Gs.  According to the website, they are able to get the information about the upcoming latest iPhone features and also able to get the microscopic research result of the latest Apple iPhone mobile device.  Apparently, after research result it is found that the 4G Apple iPhone is coming with stronger screen resolution i.e. 960 x 640 and Apple iPhone display screen is embedded with IPS panel. Which increase the total number of pixels and have the highest pixel density ever seen in the smartphones launched by Apple.

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