Facebook Ban in Pakistan lifted

Today on 31st May, 2001 Pakistan High Court ordered to lift the Ban on Facebook social networking website.  The ban was forced on Facebook one of the largest social networking website in Pakistan from last week that is 19th May 2010. Ban was imposed on Facebook due to the publishing the page “Draw Muhammad Competition”. It is against the Islamic values and norms causing angry in the Muslim communities particularly in Pakistan.

Restriction on the Facebook Access was enforced due to the petition given by Islamic lawyer’s moment, in which complete is filed against Facebook of posted the page about Draw Prophet Muhammad Competition.  Therefore High Court Lahore, Pakistan had passed the order of banning the largest social networking website Facebook.

Today on the last day of May this year 2010, High Court Lahore, Pakistan has ordered to lift ban from the Facebook. Let’s see when the Pakistan Telecom Limit (PTA) will act on this order but at present till I am writing the article, Facebook is not accessible to the users.

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