WordPress 3.0 Hits the Web

WordPress 3.0 has been finally released and hits the web, after the great and tiring wait since the WordCamp San Francisco 2010.  WordPress release 3.0 is the 13th version and more than 218 different resources work together to bring thousand bug fixes and feature enhancement into the latest wordpress 3.0. The new 3.0 comes with Sexy and cool WordPress themes and WordPress templates.

The new WordPress 3 is incorporated with the new and sexy free WordPress theme known as “TwentyTen”. The new free WordPress theme comes with more user friendly environment and TwentyTen wordpress theme allows the users to easily select and change custom backgrounds, headers, menus, link, post types and taxonomies.  Through latest wordpress release, it allows the users with single installation to easily host multiple wordpress blogs and websites.  WP 3 makes the wordpress blog interface much lighter even it is embedded with number of wordpress plugins.  WordPress also comes with integrated WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, and WordPress templates and lots other WordPress feature. With these all things, it makes the WordPress to be like Movable blogging platform. WP3 supports shortlinks for microblogging, custom administrator and usernames and lots of other more.

The latest WordPress 3.0 already been deployed to the hosted wordpress.com blogs.  Reason behind for updating the wordpress to the self hosting wordpress to check and see the reaction of updating the wordpress release. It is recommended to make database and other files backup and also see the wordpress plugins compatibility before updating the version. Apparently, majority of WordPress users haven’t faced any issue expect users that are using custom code will be more careful at the time of upgrade wordpress.

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  1. Its incorporated with some new and sexy free WordPress theme known as “TwentyTen”.

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