Google is going to test an exciting feature Google Multiple Accounts Sign-In

July 15, 2010 – 9:15 pm | by Steve

Google always try to assist his user in such a manner that they always feel comfort and convenience. This time Google is going to tests a fabulous feature named as Google-Multiple Account Sign-In.

This new feature will make possible for the user to sign in to their multiple accounts at once. It means the user needs not to open separate browsers for separate Google account. According to Google operating system, at start this feature will work only for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Docs,Google Sites and Google Code.
It is said that this fabulous service facilitate the use to a great extent he can open his multiple Google account on the same windows but on multiple tabs. It is important to note that when multiple account sign- in is enabled then Gmail offline mode will be disabled automatically.

We get no information how long Google test this feature and when we will get a chance of using this terrific service. We have to wait until Google will launch this service publicly. Once launched it is sure that this service will definitely liked and desired by every user as it offers more convenience than before.


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