Motorola Droid X: Dreading the Droid

July 16, 2010 – 2:18 pm | by Steve

An android, in terms of the big screen, comes off with mind blowing effects, giving viewers more than enough eye candy that they can take.  The same precept applies to Motorola’s latest addition to its mobile phone roster – Droid X. At first glance, the android-like interface can wow any hardcore techie, as the visuals, unfortunately, conceal most of the phone’s flaws.

Functionally Distracting UI

If looks could kill, the Motorola Droid X’s visually appealing interface kills the fun and user-friendliness.  The on-screen aesthetics certainly beats out those displayed by rival phones.

However, due to its software’s dedication to please the eyes, everything else is sacrificed.  The phone’s responsiveness is rather slow and, at times, the graphics get in the way of some of the functions.

Pleasing Aesthetics

For those who hold aesthetics in high regard when it comes to mobile phones, you will be pleased with the Droid X’s looks.  The interface is impressive, with the various screens blessed with a smooth, industrial touch.  The phone’s exterior sports a sleek black, making it appear as sleek as a James Bond gizmo.

Firmware Concern

The Droid X’s system contains an authentication chip called eFuse.  Like a fusebox, it shuts the phone down once it encounters foreign coding.  This means tinkering with the software is a no-no; otherwise, you’ll end up with a non-functional phone.

More Focus Required

Shooting snapshots is a pastime for a lot of mobile phone users.  In the case of the Droid X, you’ll be treated to a plethora of interesting features.  You’ll have to bear with the camera’s poor focus, though.  You may have to do reshoots to get consistently clear photos.

In a Nutshell

All in all, the Droid X is a decent choice.  But, with its numerous flaws, passing it up until remedying updates have been released is a good idea.


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