Download Graffiti Handwriting Software on Android Handsets

July 20, 2010 – 12:19 pm | by omer

Graffiti worlds most popular and famous handwriting recognition software once again design and develop for the Android Handsets by Access.  Graffiti handwriting application is know available for free download for Android users.

Graffiti Gestures are basically series of letters that have been designed and modified in the way that can easily be used to draw characters.  Using Graffiti handwriting recognition software specially designed for android handsets, users can easily input text and data onto the touch screen of their Android device. Access also integrate guide or Graffiti help with the Graffiti application for the new users to learn about the usage of Graffiti characters.

Graffiti application is basically develop and design for Palm device and now Access has developed single stroke handwriting recognition application for the Android OS.  Finally wait has been over by the Android users, and know users can free Download Graffiti Handwriting Software on their Android Handsets from the Android Market.


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